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This series of RWE NUKEM and NUKEM brochures are an example of how text and images can be formatted to meet different corporate guidelines.


Many of the images and much of the text remains the same throughout these changes, but still retains the general clarity of information. Each feature of the company starts on a separate page. A specific required skill can be found without having to plough through the whole brochure.


It is a good idea to invest in a library of images and photographs that are suitable to be optimized to suit existing and future corporate guidelines for brochures. Also to be flexible enough to be used in other forms of output such as PDF files or on the web.


Many brochures are produced to follow existing corporate guidelines. Original and creative corporate guidelines can be produced for clients, which cover brochure production as well as signage, panels, advertising and any other required forms of output. An example of this can be found on the prospectus page as I produced brochures and a number of other guidelines and templates for Bicton College. Experience really helps in producing guidelines as each element needs to be adaptable to suit each kind of output method. Logos need to have full colour, black and white versions for print and screen versions for web. Materials and options are discussed to ensure the best balance between the available budget and client requirements.

RWE NUKEM Brochure

This is the revised version of the RWE NUKEM brochure as NUKEM changed their brochure to follow the RWE corporate guidelines.

This is the revised version of the RWE NUKEM brochure as NUKEM changed their brochure to follow the RWE corporate guidelines.

NUKEM Brochure

This is the most recent version of the brochure as NUKEM joined with Fressinet and adopted another corporate identity.

NUKEM Brochure
bp calendars

Clicking on the thumbnail to the left you will find designs for an evolving series of BP Calendars featuring photographs following different annual themes.


The page layout changed slightly over the years to reflect the need for the boxes to be of sufficient size for landowners to write notes. This presented a bit of a challenge if the calendar featured location photography. The chosen photographs had to have the focus of interest in the top third of the page, and the bottom two thirds had to be reasonably featureless. Not to distract from the calendar boxes.


Many different photographers libraries were utilized over the years. Many of the early calendars featured colin varndell, links to Colin and other featured photographers can be found on the sidebar. The theme for the photographs for the 2011 calendar were very location specific, which were provided by myself. It was great fun to drive around the area and discover and rediscover these locations.

BP Calendars

A series of calendars produced for BP Wytch Farm for landowners living along the route of the Wytch Farm to Southampton Pipeline.

BP Calendar Photographs

Photographs are featured in all of the calendars, varied in style each year to keep the calendars fresh and interesting.

BP Calendar Wareham Photo