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The main aim of this product catalogue was to convey a lot of technical information in as clear a way as possible. To achieve this the layout of each product was made as consistent as possible.


The catalogue was designed to be flipped through, making it easy to find the required component. Photographs of every product were placed on the outside of the pages, as were the section numbers and headings.


All of the specification tables and diagrams were also placed in consistent positions on the page, making it easier to flip between similar products. Providing a fast method of selecting the correct mix of components to create an overall environmental system.

JCI Product Catalogue
A Product Catalogue illustrating a range of components for environmental control systems.
JCI Product Catalogue sphere
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The Redbook is a directory, a marketing resource of different Welsh businesses working to a pre-arranged formats; portrait, landscape and spreads.


The directory included some negotiating with clients, giving technical advice where necessary and adjusting supplied files to be technically acceptable.


Each section of the directory was separated by tabbed pages. The cover and these tabbed pages were slightly oversized to give easy access to the sections people required.

The Redbook
The aim of the red book publication is to make available to both businessmen and women in Wales a handbook of marketing services showcasing Welsh talent.
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