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amex departmental signage

These signs formed part of a larger project to help enhance the working environment at the American Express HQ, involving 25 departments.


A layered approach was adopted by using thick toughened glass fastened to the wall with stainless steel fixings leaving a small gap between glass and wall. The department name was fixed to the front face of the glass with the design affixed to the back of the glass. The signs were placed in well lit positions so shadows could be cast through both layers on the glass and onto the wall. So the image shifted slightly as you walked by.


Each departmental corporate was designed in conjunction with each head of department to illustrate their primary activities.









American Express Departmental Signage

Departmental corporate signage that reflects the activities of all of the American Express Departments within their HQ.

International Dollar Card AMEX Sign
AMEX Rwards Card Sign
panels and posters

This short series of panels were designed to illustrate and showcase various decommissioning projects and highilght the personnel concerned with the different areas of responsiblity.


The heathland background was a secondary style element introduced to many other products including datasheets and promotional items giving all these items a family feel.


The photographs on the personnel panel were all retaken or photos manipulated to give everyone an identical background. Even though many people are from different companies they all look consistant to view and visually identify as part of the same project.








WOMAD Display Panels

A0 display panels illustrating various WOMAD decommissioning projects.

Winfrith Dragon construction photo
Dragon interior