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Winfrith Graphic Services offers clients skills and many years experience in the design and production of a wide range of print projects, including brochures and all types of leaflets and datasheets, through to signage, exhibitions and display panels.


I hope the examples on this site will inspire you to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


Every client will have their own specific requirements, budget and deadlines. So working in close co-operation and within these constraints is essential. All stages of design and production will be explored, perhaps ranging from initial logo design and page layout all the way to finding the best and most cost-effective means of output.


















Brochures and Booklets


Annual Reports



Further examples can be found on the PROSPECTUS, the CATALOGUES, the BROCHURES, and the TRAINING TOOLKIT pages.









Display Panels


Further examples can be found on the DISPLAY and SIGNAGE page.

corporate identity

Corporate identities primarily consist of designing logos and supporting elements that will form the main part of a corporate guidelines, providing rules and instructions that will give a consistent style and feel across a variety of production methods. Logos designed to be optimized for full colour print for brochures as well as black and white print for administrative documents and advertising. Also suitable for signage production, viewing on monitors or projected slide shows and presentations.


Producing guidelines should be a part of a clients grand plan. A grand plan will help create a coherent family feel even though there may be months gone by from the production of letterheads to the production of a catalogue.


An example of how guidelines and templates can work can be found on the prospectus page. Elements that went into the production of the brochures for Bicton College were used in a library of logos and templates that can be used by the college in the future.

Corporate Identity optimized for Print
Logos designed to be optimized for all appropriate output methods.
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