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A safety induction DVD was commissioned to instruct visitors and employees about the rules and regulations in force on the Winfrith site.


The DVD had several updates over the years as site ownership changed from the UKAEA to RSRL. The DVD was constructed in a modular form, making it simpler and cheaper to update. Each module can be seen as a standalone chapter, so every module will make sense without viewing the entire DVD.


The DVD presentation can also be customised for different tenants. A DVD need not contain every module, just those relevant to a particular tenant.


The full DVD for UKAEA/RSRL employees has a running time of 20 minutes and a visitor version running for 10 minutes.


These modules can be exported for posting on an intranet. Each module is only about a minute or so in length to keep download times to a minimum.

UKAEA and RSRL Safety Induction DVD
A Safety Induction DVD for employees and visitors to the Winfrith site.


ukaea and rsrl safety induction dvd