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The Manager's Toolkit is designed as a resource for Human Resource Managers within Nestlé Waters and soon after Nestlé corporate. Each Toolkit has sections that cover different aspects of human resources with exercises and handouts that help and develop many different areas of employment.


The documentation contained within recycled polypropylene wallets and inside coloured dividers separate the areas; introduction, exercises, handouts and models. Within the exercise area numbered tabbed dividers separate the documentation as well as any supporting material such as flash cards.


All the documentation is also included on a CD as print resolution PDF files. All the documents are easily accessed through a web browser and printed out should extra handouts be required.


Though the corporate language of Nestlé is English, elements of the toolkit have been translated into French and German.

Nestle Toolkit
A Training Toolkit for Human Resources Managers with training resources including exercises, models and handouts.
Nestle Waters Toolkit
Initially the toolkit was created for Nestlé Waters before being incorporated more broadly into the Nestlé company as a whole.
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